Complaints Policy

Charging and Remissions

TET Complaints Policy APPROVED APRIL 2021.pdf
TET charging-and-remissions-policy APPROVED Nov 2021.pdf

Freedom of Information/ Data Protection

Freedon of Information

Subject Access Request

Data Breach Policy

TET Freedom of Information Policy APPROVED June 2020.docx
TET Subject AccessRequests Policy APPROVED June 2020.docx
TET Data Breach Policy APPROVED June 2020.docx

Retention Policy

Data Protection Policy

CCTV Policy

TET Records Retention Policy APPROVED June 2020.docx
TET Data Protection Policy Feb 2021 APPROVED.pdf
Thedwastre CCTV Policy APPROVED Feb 2021.pdf

Data Search

Third Party Requests

TET Data Breach Policy 2018.docx
TET Third Party Requests for Information Policy APPROVED June 2020.docx


Accounting Policy

Reserves Policy

TET Accounting Policy Feb 2022.pdf
TET Reserves Policy Feb 2022.pdf

Financial Regulations

Anti-Fraud & Corruption

Financial Regulations 2021_ 2022 APPROVED 4 Nov 2021.pdf
Thedwastre Anti Fraud & Corruption Policy Feb 2022.pdf

Gifts and Hospitality

Investment Management

Thedwastre Gifts & Hospitality Policy Feb 2022.pdf
Thedwastre Investment Management Policy Feb 2022.pdf

Staff Policies

Staff Health and Wellbeing

Appraisal Policy

Staff Absence & Attendance Policy

Grievance Policy

Allegations against Staff

Thedwastre Staff Health and Wellbeing Policy Feb 2022.pdf
Thedwastre Appraisal Policy APPROVED September 2020.pdf
Thedwastre Staff Absence and Attendance Policy FINAL Feb 2020.docx
Thedwastre Grievance Policy APPROVED July 2020.pdf
TET Allegations against staff Policy May 2021.pdf

Capability Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy

Code of Conduct

Disciplinary Policy

Thedwastre Capability Policy Jan 2022.pdf
TET Whistle Blowing Policy APPROVED May 2022.pdf
Thedwastre Code of Conduct approved June 2020.pdf
Thedwastre Disciplinary Policy APPROVED July 2020.pdf

Pay Policy

Use of Personal Devices

Restructuring & Redundancy

Probationary Policy

Thedwastre Pay Policy Jan 2022.pdf
TET Use of Personal Devices reviewed Feb 21.pdf
TET Policy on Restructuring and Redundancies Jan 2022.pdf
Thedwastre Probation Policy APPROVED Jan 2021.pdf


Safer Recruitment

Online Safety Policy

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

TET Safer Recruitment Policy Oct 2021.pdf
Thedwastre Online Safety Policy APPROVED July 2021.pdf
TET Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2021 Trust Website.pdf

Curriculum & Behaviour

Curriculum Principles

Behaviour Principles

Thedwastre Curriculum Principles Approved March 2022.pdf
Thedwastre Behaviour Principles Approved March 2022.pdf

Exclusions Policy

SEND Policy

Thedwastre Exclusions Policy FINAL Feb 2020.docx
Thedwastre SEND policy APPROVED Feb 2021.pdf


Governor Visit Policy

TET Governor Visits Policy June 2020.docx

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Lone Working

TET Health and Safety Policy APPROVED May 2022.pdf
Thedwastre Lone Worker Policy APPROVED Feb 2021.pdf

Stress and Wellbeing

First Aid Policy

Academy Stress Toolkit June 2019.docx
TET First Aid APPROVED June 2020.docx