St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Academies Umbrella Trust

Mary Myatt
Mary is a former local authority school improvement adviser and has huge experience as an Ofsted inspector and more recently as a highly respected education consultant and speaker. She works in schools talking to pupils, teacher and leaders about learning, leadership and the curriculum.

Gary McDonald
Gary McDonald is appointed as a Member because of his role as Chair of the Directors of the Trust

Resigned Members:

Rob Loe
Rob has huge experience in education as a teacher, senior leader and more recently as head of an education think tank. He holds a doctorate in education from the University of Cambridge and is a Trustee and Director of the Relationships Foundation. (Resigned 29/11/17).


Director Category CommitteesTerm EndsPecuniary Interests Board Meeting Attendance 2017-18 Board Meeting Attendance 2018-19
Gary McDonald (Chair of Board)

Gary has been a governor at Thurston CE Primary since 2012 and is the school's nominated Director. With professional experience as a corporate bank manager dealing with high value clients gives him a good eye for finance and the customer skills to deal with all our stakeholders.

Appointed 07/01/16

Academy DirectorHuman Resources 


Finance & Audit
 31/12/19No Pecuniary Interest. 7/8 1/1
Pamela Frost

Pam is a Director nominated by the Woolpit Local Governing Body. She has lived in Woolpit since 1998 and has recently retired from full time work in the NHS having started her career in London as a Registered Nurse. She worked in health care and the NHS for over 30 years and managed sexual health services across Suffolk. Working in sexual health has meant that the health and well being of young people has always been a motivating factor throughout her career. Now working part time, she has time to use her management background and experience of working in the public sector to support the Trust. 

Appointed 01/01/16

Academy Director    Human Resources (Chair) 31/12/19No Pecuniary Interest.

Registered Nurse and self-employed consultant advisor working with Public Health/ Local Authorities and NHS Providers.

Governor - Woolpit Primary Academy.
7/8 1/1
Ruth Farrell

Ruth was born and educated in Australia, moving permanently to England in 1986 to work as an Occupational Therapist in both the NHS and Social Care Services. She was ordained into the Church of England in 2002 and has been the Rector of Woolpit with Drinkstone since 2006. She has been involved in church related children's work for 20 years.  She enjoys walking and the cinema.

Appointed 23/02/17

Foundation Director    Human Resources 31/12/20No Pecuniary Interest. Rector, Benefice of Woolpit with Drinkston, Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, Church of England 5/8 1/1
Ann Tate

Ann has been a governor of Rattlesden CE Primary since 2011 and is the school's nominated Director on the Trust board. Her professional experience as former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Northampton and as Chair of Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust give her a keen insight into running complex organisations and the role of the trustee.

Appointed 01/01/16

Academy Director    Finance & Audit 31/12/19No Pecuniary Interest. 4/8 1/1
Phillip Mackay

Phillip is an ex-officio Director in his capacity as the Chief Executive Officer of the Trust.

 Appointed  01/09/18.

Ex-officio CEO Standards

Human Resources

Finance & Audit

Premises/ H&S
 Chair & Director of Godmanchester Community Education Trust.
Employee of the Trust - Chief Executive Officer.
 N/A 1/1
David Olney

David is a Retired Managing Director of a successful company in UK and overseas; previously he has held the post of COO for Defence Infrastructure. He brings a wealth of experience in the following areas:
and corporate management, change management and communications.
finance, accountancy, premises & capital projects, strategic planning, data analysis, business.

Appointed 25/01/18

Academy DirectorPremises/H&S (Chair) 5/12/21No Pecuniary Interest.

Self Employed Director at NED WaND Consulting Ltd
 4/4 1/1
Rachael Gilbert

Appointed 05/12/17
Academy Director  No Pecuniary Interest. 1/5 0/1
Resigned Directors      
Rachel Gooch

Appointed 01/01/16 

Resigned 01/09/17
 Academy Director  Thurston Partnership N/A N/A
Christopher Robinson

Tiffer is a governor at Rattlesden CE Primary and has been nominated to the Trust Board by the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich. Tiffer is the Rector of St Nicholas church in Rattlesden and is fully involved in the life of the community. 

Resigned 5/12/17

Foundation Director  Employee: Diocese of St Edmundsbury 3/3 N/A
Sarah Rees - Ex-officio CEO 
Former Head of Great Barton C of E Primary School.
Resigned 31/08/2018
 Ex-officio CEOStandards

Human Resources

Finance & Audit

Premises/ H&S
 No Pecuniary Interest. 8/8 N/A
Neville Horn

Neville has been a governor at Great Barton CE Primary since 2014 and has undertaken key roles in finance and facilities. He has more than 20 years experience as an investment manager, advising individuals, charities, trusts and pension schemes. Neville is the nominated governor for Great Barton.

Appointed 01/01/16 

Resigned 4/12/2018

Academy DirectorFinance & Audit (Chair)
No Pecuniary Interest.  8/8 1/1

Governors with Trust Responsibilities

GovernorCategoryCommitteesTerm EndsPecuniary Interests Board Meeting Attendance 17/18Board Meeting Attendance 18/19
Nicola ProwlingGovernor - Thurston C of E Primary AcademyStandards (Chair) 01.01.20No Pecuniary Interest.

Secondary School Teacher - Mildenhall College

Persons of Significant Control

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